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CanSat Kit

The ZA CanSat Development Kit is designed to meet the basic specifications of the CanSat Project.

Our Kits are developed with one thing in mind- To Provide Kits that are Affordable, Easy to Build, Educational and FUN!

Every year we Give Away a number of Kits to Deserving individuals or Teams - Tell us what Positive impact a CanSat would have on your school, college, University, community..Your Team may just receive a Free kit in 2014!

With more than 10 years experience, we understand how frustrating it can be to get started with your First CanSat Project.
It is not uncommon for teams to jump into a project and then realize too late that their project is not going to be completed. With this in mind we develop and make available CanSat Kits that enable teams to get started as quickly as possible.

The basic ZACanSat Development Kit consists of:

  • CanSat Project Documentation
  • Educational Material
  • CanSat Hardware
    (Microcontroller, Sensors, Telemetry, )
  • CanSat Software Tools
  • Basic mechanical CanSat structure

With the ZA CanSat Development Kit, you get a ARTL (Almost Ready to Launch) CanSat (right out of the box)
but we CHALLENGE you to go beyond that.. and MAKE IT YOUR OWN


The ZACanSat Development Kit provides an ideal Generic CanSat Starter Kit, and is designed to get you started by meeting the original requirements for competing in CanSat competitions.

Every year, we add new functions, features and Sensors that can be added to make your ZACanSat - based Project interesting, challenging and exciting!

Meeting the Pimary CanSat Mission Objectives:

The primary Mission objectives of the original CanSat Project is to:

  • Perform some Scientific Experiment (i.e Measure Temperature, Pressure, Altitude, etc)
  • Perform a optional Secondary tast/experiment
  • Transmit Data to a ground station


Components of the ZACanSat:

  • Microcontroller & Shield
    The ZA CanSat is controlled by a Microcontrolller/processor board that also provides an interface for the Sensor and Telemetry modules.
    A genereic Shield (adaptor board)is provided for expanding the functionality of the CanSat
  • Sensor Modules
    Two standard Analog Sensors are included in the Kit (Temperature, Pressure)
    There are now more than 20 Sensor modules available to expand your CanSat project
  • Telemetry Modules
    The Telemetry Modules pconsists of a Tansmitter and a Receiver pair in order to provide DATA Downlink functionality.

Looking for a Launch Solution to deliver your CanSat Project reliably and consistently?

A dedicated Rocket Delivery system has been developed by our team consisting of a High Power Rocket and Ground support equipment.
We have a range of Rocket Kits available that are capable of launching 1, 2, 4, or 6 CanSats to a minimum altitude of 500m, 800m, 1km, 2km and 5km.